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Romance Lovers contest


I must say, I am a lover of a good romance novel (the ones for teens because they are generally PG), and to celebrate February, the month or romance that also coincides with my birth month, I’m giving away a huge prize pack or, well, you guessed it, teen romance novels.

The prizes are as follows:

Picture Perfect by Catherine Clark
Labor of Love by Rachel Hawthorne
Nailed by Jennifer Laurens
Party Games by Whitney Lyles
To Catch a Pirate by Jade Parker
The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren by Wendy Toliver
First Kiss (Then Tell) by various (it’s an anthology)

All (7) novels will go to one lucky winner. Why seven, I have no idea. Winner must reside in the US or have a US address, sorry!


+1: MANDATORY! Write a short poem (20 lines or shorter) in celebration of the month of February and post it in a comment with your name and working email address. Structure, meter, rhyme doesn’t matter, but your topic must pertain to something to do with the month of February (e.g. Valentine’s Day, love, amethysts, etc.). Keep the language PG please, and don’t forget to put both your name and email address, or I will unceremoniously delete your comment.

+2: Promote. Post a link on your blog/website or post a bulletin on MySpace or other social networking site (and don’t forget to tell me). Remember to leave a working link in your comment so I can see it, or I won’t give you the entries you so deserve.

+1: Give me a romance book suggestion, in the YA group preferably. One suggestion per entrant (I don’t want my wishlist to grow exponentially!), with maybe a sentence or two about why you liked that book. Make sure I have not read it (check my “Books Munched” lists in the right sidebar), or I won’t credit you one entry.

+1: Trivia. Excluding the authors in the anthology, tell me which two authors of the prize books are one and the same. Leave your answer with the two names in your comment. Two hints: the answer is not “none,” and it can be found somewhere on The Book Muncher.

As I said above, US entrants only. Contest runs all month, ending 2/28/09, 9 p.m. PST. The contest is a random drawing, since it wouldn’t be fair to judge on poetic ability, but I might repost my favorite submissions when I announce the winners (so fair warning!). Winner will be announced sometime in the beginning of March.

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