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Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith

BetwixtI finished this nearly 500 page book in little over one day. And let me tell you, it was amazing.

Three teens, Ondine, Nix, and Morgan, are thrown into a world they never imagined could exist. They always knew they were different. They always had strange habits or characteristics, such as purple eyes, the inability to cry, never getting sick, sleepwalking, and visions.

All three make it to a mysterious concert called the Ring of Fire and discover that they aren't human; they're changlings and they belong in Novala, another dimension. They have to learn in order to be able to complete the exidis and join the fay in their dimension.

However, there are always the evil ones, and here they are called Cutters. The Cutters want to stay on earth and stay human, instead of becoming fay. They are power hungry. Unfortunately for Ondine, Nix, and Morgan, there is one Cutter who is endangering them.

Bewtixt is very fast-paced; it is crucial to read carefully otherwise key details will be missed. Sometimes, there is so much information jammed into one small section that the book can get confusing. The novel is told in alternate narrations by the main characters, and some parts can get boring. However, the last third or so of the story is jam-packed full of action and details, which make up for the uninteresting parts before, not that there were many.

The ending of Betwixt is very vague and confusing, and I need to reread it to understand it better. There is plenty of room for a sequel, which I am looking forward to. In my opinion, the creative storyline makes up for the sometimes overwhelming details and confusion, and Betwixt has become one of my favorite books.

Rating: 4.0

Review copy from personal collection

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