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Hey y'all, Steph from Reviewer X has posted a profile of, guess who...ME!! Please go check it out


and leave a comment there to thank Steph for her awesome idea :D

On another topic, I am going to have a lot more reviews posted because school is almost out for me. And since finals will be a breeze and homework is almost nonexistent now, I have much more time to catch up on my reading. Thus, much more reviews.

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RR2 said...

School's almost over for you?! You lucky, lucky, girl!

Alea said...

Read the interview :)

I'm always curious to hear people's stories of how they started receiving free books. Did you go to the publishers/authors, or did they come to you? How did it all start and how does it work for you currently?

A few years ago a author asked me to review her book but besides that I've gotten most of my free books from Library Thing's Early Reviewer Program.

I feel like I haven't heard much how it works for people, I'd love to learn about it!

The Book Muncher said...

Hey Alea,

I originally started with several publisher's reviewing programs, and now, sometimes authors contact me to review their books.

Anonymous said...

"...finals will be a breeze..."

grrr you smartypants!

haha i love it how your so calm about it and i'm like freaking out about it. but then again you probably can fail all your finals and still get an a in everything
...not that you'll fail, of course

Rachael, u are too smart

love you

Book Chic said...

Yay for your reviewer profile!!

Also, for Alea, it's gone back and forth for me. I started out asking authors for books, but usually, I just got books from the library (my local library was really good about getting new teen releases) and reviewed them. Then, as I got more popular, authors would contact me to review their books, and now it's gone back to me asking them, unless I had been chatting with them a lot. I've also chatted with some publicists, who I keep in touch with and ask them for books, or sometimes they'll send me an email if they have an ARC that they're excited about releasing.

I know the question wasn't for me, but I figured you'd like more than one perspective. :)

Alea said...

Thanks for the insight guys! I'd love to hear lots on this! It seems it can go lots of way and there isn't a tried and true method, not like i don't have piles of books i should be reading already... i just find the whole thing so interesting!

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