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Book Blogger Appreciation Week, Sept. 15-19


Yes, I know I am quite a bit late in getting into this, but, better late than never, right? Anyway...I've FINALLY registered for Book Blogger Appreciation Week (because it's good to feel appreciated!). You can find all the info here, but I've figured that if you haven't already registered, then I guess you just were not interested.
Blog nominations are actually going on now, and you can find all that info here. It would be totally cool if all y'all could vote or something like that, for your favorite blogs in whatever category. And if you feel like spreading some love over here (I could use some, 'cause I could use some cheering up in preparation for mucho homework), then you can vote me (The Book Muncher) for "Best Young Adult Lit Blog" or whatever category you feel appropriate. I probably would not know if you did that (and I'd like to think at least some people are voting for me), but even if no one does, I'll just pretend that they are. (Because I'll feel better about that homework).
By the way, my homework really has nothing to do with voting for book blogs. I really don't know why I mentioned it.
So yeah, thanks in advance for anyone who does vote for me. I hope I don't sound...strange...asking for peeps to vote. I mean, you don't have to vote for me, but you should vote anyway. I know some other people participating are The Page Flipper, Shooting Stars Mag, Book Review Maniac, Liv's Book Reviews, Mrs. Magoo, among others.
I think I give up now. I'll just go do my homework.

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Anonymous said...

Rachael I think you've left a comment on my blog. It read it as a spam comment. Can you try to send it again?

I have to do my nominations for this but I'm glad you joined in on the fun!


Lenore said...

I am also participating! And Reviewer X too.

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