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I blame you, Kelsey

No, just kidding, I don’t blame you for anything. Kelsey from Reading Keeps You Sane has tagged me for this questionnaire thingy. Aren’t I special? :D

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I honestly don’t know. But I think I was still living in the same house I am living in now.

What are five things on my to-do list today?

  1. Check my email
  2. Try to finish reading The Scarlet Letter
  3. Bookmark all my favorite pages again on Mozilla, ‘cause they’re not there anymore (my poor computer died – again!)
  4. Not get frustrated over my computer hating me
  5. Um...eat? I do need to eat

Snacks I enjoy
Dark chocolate, pretzels, orange juice, frappuccinos, apple pie

Places I’ve lived
California, born and bred (two different cities though)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

  1. Buy every single book I have ever wanted
  2. Go clothes shopping with all my BFFs
  3. Buy several expensive sports cars (e.g. BMW, Porsche, Italian sports cars I don’t remember the names of)
  4. Buy a penthouse apartment in NYC (though then I probably would not need all those cars...)
  5. Buy a car for my sister and a nice house for my parents. Maybe I’ll even give them money so they’ll never have to work again (if I’m feeling charitable)
  6. Travel the world (minus the places I don’t want to visit)
  7. Be lazy

That was interesting, but semi-fun. I think I’ll tag Tasha, Carol, Dominique, and Steph.

3 munch(es) :

Kelsey said...

Haha, I thought it was fun. I like your answers for the billionaire one. That was funny.

Amanda said...

haha omg very creative answers!

Chelsie said...

Ick, The Scarlet Letter is an extremely scary and hard book to get through...

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