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The Brothers Torres Quiz Contest - Updates!

Just so everyone knows, the prizes for The Brothers Torres quiz contest going on right now have been changed. It's come to my attention that people have not been entering because they already have the book or plan to buy it, and why buy the same thing you can win in this contest, right? So, the prizes have been adjusted:

1st Place:
$20 Gift Card at Amazon
New Mexican Keychain with the name "Francisco"
New Mexican food recipe book
New Mexico Green Chile hot chocolate (Coert Voorhees swears it's good!)

2nd Place:
New Mexican Keychain with the name "Francisco"
New Mexico Green Chile hot chocolate

And, just in case you forgot, here's how you can enter!

  1. Pick up a copy of The Brothers Torres by Coert Voorhees and read it.
  2. Find, within the novel, the answers to the following questions:

    Q1: What is Frankie's dream car?
    Q2: What is New Mexico's official State Question?
    Q3: What is Frankie's favorite New Mexican food? Hint: he makes it for Rebecca.
    Q4: Frankie makes reference to one of Shakespeare's plays throughout. Which one is it?
    Q5: What slogan does Begay come up with for his homecoming poster?

  3. Email your correct answers to me at away.munching.books@gmail.com with “The Brothers Torres contest” in the subject line. If you get all the answers correct, you will be entered one time (I may give you second chances if you get the answers wrong).

Also, since the details have changed, the deadline for answers will be extended until the end of this month, 9/30/08, midnight PST. Don't forget!

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