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Who's RAD? Marilee Brothers!

Everyone meet Marilee Brothers, author of a new paranormal series Unbidden Magic, the first novel of which is Moonstone. Stay tuned this week and you may be able to snag a copy of this fantastic novel for yourself...


Random Q&A:

If I could live in any time period, what would it be?
I really, really like now. But, can I cheat just a little and call it time travel? I’m fascinated with medieval times, especially the twelfth century when Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine ruled England and much of France. All I want is a peek, not a lifetime commitment. Why? Oh, a few little things like childbirth, no antibiotics for sick kids, becoming a senior citizen at age 32, backbreaking labor…it would be just my luck to be the saucy wench who had to clean those nasty chamber pots! Eleanor of Aquitaine was a remarkable woman. She lived to the ripe old age of 82, was married to two kings and the mother of three. Wouldn’t I love to visit her “court of love” and chat with her!

If you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you take with you? (Assume you have the bare necessities.)
At first, I wondered if this island had a power plant or maybe a generator with an unlimited supply of gas. Probably not. Consequently, my iPod and laptop were crossed off the list. So…I settled for a huge writing tablet and a box of pens. I’ve got so many stories in my head, I don’t have enough years left to write them all. Being stranded on an island with no distractions would probably give me a much-needed kick in the butt. My third item would be a mirror. After checking to see what the sea air and humidity was doing to my hair—yikes—I’d used it to signal a plane or ship so I could get off the friggin’ island!

Come up with an anagram of your name.
Terrible Hose Ram*. Armoire Blessed Her. Barometer Relish


the guest blog:

I’m not only a writer, I’m a big-time book muncher. Okay, I confess…I’m a bookaholic. Is there a twelve step program for that? When I’m close to the end of one book, I absolutely must have another on standby to avoid the horrors of withdrawal. The symptoms are unmistakable. Sweaty palms. Body twitches. Emotional outbursts. I become desperate. Anything will do. Cereal boxes. Shampoo directions. (wet hair, apply shampoo, lather, rinse, repeat).

I know this sounds like a cop-out, but I can’t help it. It’s in my DNA. I come from a book munching family. What else could I do? The only sound in our home was that of pages turning. When we needed our fix, we piled into the car and slipped into the local library. I was bad from the start. At ten years of age, I sneaked into the adult section when the librarian wasn’t looking. From that point on, it was all downhill. Nobody’s private stash was safe. Before my father got home from work, I devoured his latest John D. McDonald mystery. After my mother drifted off to sleep, it was Katherine Woodiwiss’s romance, The Flame and the Flower. Oh, I was hooked alright.

It was inevitable that I’d get busted. When it finally happened, I was forced to read children’s books which really ticked me off. Nothing juicy. No words to sound out. Just a bunch of prissy girls dressed in pinafores whose very presence made the world a better place. Yeah, right. I wanted something more. I needed something more so I started making up my own stories.

Many years went by before I got the chance to write my books. By then, the word was out. Kids today don’t read. My two word response is- Harry and Potter. And, yes, I’m still hooked on reading but the upside is, I’m hooked on writing too!


Thanks Marilee! Great blog (very funny); I enjoyed reading it (a bit too much maybe!).

Anyway...back to business here! Make sure to check out Marilee's novel Moonstone, or just visit her website for fun: http://www.marileebrothers.com/index.html

*Or this could be "Terrible Rose Ham." Hmm, now that's interesting.

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cat said...

Thanks for the interview and guest blog! I read Moonstone in the summer (and reviewed it) and really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.

Great questions, too. ;)

pepsivanilla said...

I really enjoyed reading this interview :) Great story about not wanting to read the kids' books!

Kelsey said...

i just got Marilee's book to review yesterday. It sucks I didn't get it in book form, it came as like 8 1/2 by ll in pages and in a binding. So that sucks, but I'm looking forward to reading it.

Diana Dang said...

Haha, great interview!

I actually have like 3 books at once most of the time. When I get bored, I switch them up. I finish one of the three, I grab another to replace. It's insane nowadays for me! I have so many books I have to read, so little time to review them all!

Anonymous said...

haha great RAD!!

I love reading too. When i was little, I used to throw tantrums because my parents didn't want me to spend so much time reading books. With my friends, it was like the complete opposite. And, yeah, I guess if I listened to my parents I'd have better eyesight (I'm like practically blind w/o my glasses) and might be a little less klutzy and more athletic (cept for tennis-I love tennis!) but i don't regret it at all!

Anonymous said...

whoops i forgot to post my name--

Grace L


Book Chic said...

Great interview and guest blog!! :) Such fun to read.

Brittney said...

The author seems like a cool person.

Great interview and blog!

-Brittney Tabel

Anonymous said...

lol, I also read shampoo bottles any kind of bottle that you can find in my section of the bathroom, i've most likely read the back directions in spanish and all. I'd really like to go back and see the time of Henry VIII. If I could just sneak around the castle or maybe be invisible but able to try on one of those gorgeous dresses i'd be exstatic. I know Henry VIII time is kind of sad how he chopped off his wives, but i'd like to see how it really went down like with Anne Boleyn, did she really manipulate and betray the king or was she an innocent bystander. Why was the town in riot after the king divorced Catherine of Aragon when they had never received her before because of her being Spanish? So much i'd like to know but will never find out for sure...oh well.

Rylie said...

Thanks for the interview and guest blog!

bcanyon at hotmail dot com

Shooting Stars Mag said...

hahah that is a hilarious guest blog. i'm addicted too. but i don't wanna quit!!! and i used to be at the library ALL the time growing up. it was insane.

and i tend to read all things...license plates, shampoo bottles, cereal boxes, signs anywhere and everywhere, etc.

nice interview as well. I love the last question. such fun!


Lana said...

Such a great interview! I totally relate to the book addiction withdrawal symptoms. I've been known to try to sound out shampoo directions in Dutch just so I would be able to read something in the shower.

Really looking forward to reading Moonstone!

Anonymous said...

Two words: Harry Potter. (I so totally agree!)


Dominique said...

lol! reading this brightened my day! :D thanks for the interview! :)

Allyssa said...

Haha. This part made me laugh:

"If I could live in any time period, what would it be?
I really, really like now."

I agree! :D Cool interview. = ]

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this interview! I really hope I can read this book soon.

ArkieRN said...

I, too, am a book muncher. Please don't point me in the direction of any twelve-step programs though. I have no intentions of kicking my habit.

Book Fanatic 101 said...

Hmmm...bring a mirror to the island. That's not one I have thought of yet.

And I must say,

I heart Harry Potter and reading in general!!

Wrighty - said...

That was such a good interview and funny too! I enjoy her sense of humor and look forward to reading her books. I'm a book addict too and I tend to read the back of cereal boxes. There's some good reading there.

Paradox said...

I'm also addicted to books. I check out way more than I have time to read and the librarians get really angry at how many times I have to renew them. I'm glad that this is a golden age for children's and teens' books. And they actually are fun to read, no more cheesy moral tales with bland characters.

Anonymous said...

She's certainly a delightful person and a writer through and through. On a deserted island, she still wants to put pen to paper. I'd choose something more like chapstick. lol

Looking forward to this book!

Megan Eisenlord said...

Marilee brothers is my Great Aunt,
she is my mom's aunt.
And of course i read the book, i just finished it about a week ago,
and it was really really good, the story line is great.
And i cant wait for the next one to come,
I strongly suggest you should read it too.

coolj said...

My grandma knows her!!!

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