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I love you guys!!

Seriously, I was shocked to check my email after a week and see that I had loads of comments regarding my Wheel of Fortune “fame.” So cool!! Seriously, I am so grateful you guys tuned in (or tried to) to my thirty minutes of game show stardom. Some of you may have even been more excited than I was!!!

So, this is a kind of reflection post of sorts.

In response to YA Book Realm’s comment on how it was to see myself on TV, well, it was strange in a way. The wonderful makeup ladies in Culver City changed my skin color; I looked tanner than I actually am. And for some reason, I always sound funny when I speak through a microphone, so that bothered me a bit. There were parts I wish got edited out, like when I laughed a little too hard and when I tried to high-five the other girls after they won some money and they didn’t really notice (I looked weird with my hand just in the air like that). There is something pretty exciting about being on national television, definitely. This isn’t the first time though. When I was in middle school, I did some extra work (you know, like being in the background in movies and TV shows). I’ve been on Hannah Montana (the episode where Miley tries out to become a cheerleader; I know, I can’t believe I was on that show either), the Bernie Mac show (couldn’t tell you which episode since I never saw it! But it had some kind of carnival in it), and the movie “I Could Never Be Your Woman” with Michele Pfeffer (I haven’t watched this one either yet).

Khyrinthia said that I should’ve said I was The Book Muncher instead of just any old book reviewer, and when I think about it now, I agree. But then again, the WOF peeps may have seen that as “advertising” which I was strictly prohibited from doing. (Krynthia: I agree, it is freaky that we live near each other and had no idea until now. It’s amazing how many people Wheel of Fortune can bring together, right?!)

As for the trip to Barbados, I will be going this summer. It will probably be very hot and very relaxing. I should probably research what else I can do there besides sleep and visit the beach, because all I know is from my history classes, and that has to do with lots of sugar.

Once again, I want to thank all of you who did tune in and am eternally sorry for those of you who couldn’t for whatever reason, because you missed out on my friend’s incredibly lame joke. I don’t think it will be online, because of copyrights, but an anonymous commenter so kindly left me a link to a summary of the show here. Thank you all for your excitement, love, and support!!!

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Meredith said...

For some reason it wasn't on that night. But when I checked the other episodes that will be on in weeks to come, it said that Teen Best Friends will be on tonight! So I have that set to record, just in case it's your episode!


Krysten said...

How cool is that! Congrats on winning the trip! Wow!

Jaerixon said...

you should read my blog

YA Book Realm said...

Oh yaay you did the reaction post! I know if I saw myself in TV I would freak out and not in a good way. lol

Unfortunately I didn't get to watch it because my mom ended up having a doctors appointment.

And wow you were in a lot of shows. That is so cool. I'll be sure to look for you in the Hannah Montana episode (they always have re-runs)

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