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Romance Lovers contest winner and other stuff

I know what you're saying, and I hear you. Finally! She finally posts the winner after two whole freaking months. I don't blame you. I blame my laziness. So, here it is:


And now for my three favorite poems (I couldn't narrow them down to one). Unfortunately, I don't have prizes for these awesome poets, so they'll just have to live with the satisfaction they get for having their poetry liked.


Just those simple four ordinary letters.
L, O, V, and E.
Why do our hearts yearn so much
To find someone that holds the key?
In the midst of despair,
A "knight" is supposed to come.
But you continue waiting, waiting
Till both your body, mind, heart grow numb.
Because love isn't like those fairytales
You read in books.
It involves more than that,
More than just the looks.
It includes heartbreak, struggles,
And even fights.
But later on it gets better,
As love surrounds the February night.

-Michelle Kuo


Why is the month of love the month of rain?
Of snow, of sleet, of twisted ankle pain?
With snowed in cars and dreary skies,
I don't understand all the gooey eyes.
There are no blossoms, no birds will sing.
Not yet summer, the school bells still ring.
It's not the season of giving,
Heck, most plants aren't even living.

Well... perhaps the snow is sweet -
A boy's arms are warmer when there's sleet.
Slipping on ice gives an excuse to that boy,
To coddle and kiss, turn the pain to joy.
Birds are overrated anyway...
Who wants to hear chirping all day?

-Joanna (she didn't think she was much of a poet, but I like it)


Cupid's arrows flies
Dodge it quick before it lands
Else you get struck dumb

-the epic rat (short, sweet, and amusing!)

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the epic rat said...

Haha, I don't know about everyone else, but I think it would be a pleasant surprise for Megan that she won...no matter how long it took you to select her! :)

And you're right. I'm quite satisfied that you found my haiku awesome :D

Keira of LoveRomancePassion said...


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