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I’m back! (Did’ja miss me?)

Yes I’m finally back in the good ol’ US of A after my weeklong vacation in Barbados. And then my subsequent week of virtually no computer access, but I’m here now.

Here’s the rundown of my (not so) wild times out of country:

the good:

  • I got a pretty decent tan (everyone else in my family burned)
  • I got to swim with sea turtles (and last night I had a dream about it…weird)
  • I fed wild monkeys peanuts (when I wasn’t supposed to; apparently, there’s a chance they’ll attack you)
  • I ate barracuda for the first time
  • I discovered what breadfruit is
  • I met James Jones who is a professional basketball player for the Miami Heat at the Barbados International Airport (seriously, who else can say that?!)

the bad:

  • I still cannot figure out how to play the conch shell I bought for my friend (yes, it is the kind you can play, I made sure; if anyone else knows, let me know, ‘kay?)
  • It rained almost every day (like 10-15 minute squalls)
  • The hotel had no shampoo (luckily, I brought my own; my sister was not so fortunate)

the ugly:

  • I got a whole bunch of bug bites, especially on my arms and legs, and they ITCHED LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS
  • Oh the horror of processed turkey (airport food=yech!)
  • My sister’s conditioner leaked in my suitcase (thank goodness it was only on the way home)
  • The first thing we found out on the layover coming home was that something in our fridge had broken and our floor was about an inch of water flooded (everything was fine though since our super nice neighbors shut the water off and cleaned the floor for us)


Also, in way of blog updates, someone (or something) has been posting a ****load of spam comments on my blog posts, and thus I have been forced (by my laziness in having to delete all of them) to change my comment settings. Originally, I was going to restrict anonymous commenting, but I really do love some of my anonymous commenters, so I instead added a security word verification. I know it’s a hassle, so sorry for that.

In way of good things, I’ve put a couple of icons that appear in every post’s footer, an AddThis widget so you can bookmark a specific post should you feel like it, and a BookBlips voting widget so you can easily nominate my review on BookBlips, again, should you feel the need to.

7 munch(es) :

Juju said...

WOW! That sounds like quite the adventure! :)

Thao said...

Sounds like a great vacation even though lots of bad and ugly things happened to you ^^

BrittLit said...

Wow I'm glad you had a fun time. I wish I could feed wild monkeys. And that breadfruit is a great pictures I love how vibrant it is, do they stay that color?

Lenore said...

Was this the trip you won on Wheel of Fortune?

Melanie said...

It sounds like you had a blast! I very often have the misfortune of having my shampoo or conditioner leak in my suitcase.

The Book Muncher said...

Lenore -
This was the WOF trip

The Book Muncher said...

BrittLit -
All I really know about the breadfruit is that they're everywhere in Barbados and you're supposed to cook it before you eat it. The ripe ones are that color, so I assume they stay that color (unless they go bad)

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