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A mini-Fashion Show

Yay for my first ever video made especially for The Book Muncher. I hope you enjoy. It's a sort of fashion show, with lots of my commentary. And guess who stars as the model?

Ignore any strange noises in the background. I made this video when people were still installing carpet in our house.

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Cat said...

Ok, this was awesome! And funny! I love the still photos of the shirts as you're speaking. I don't believe I have any book-related shirts. Hmm. I'll have to work on that. ;)

Sorry about the flooding. :( I hope your repairs are finished soon!

Serena said...

You are too cute and I love the t-shirts. I hate when I can't wear my favorite t-shirts anymore. Its annoying. Have a great weekend.

Leigh said...

Love it...you're subtly hilarious.

Bookworm said...

Ahhh! You HAVE to read Bad Kitty!

PS. You are hilarious!
PPS. Sorry about your house being flooded! Great vlog, though!

BookChic said...

You haven't read Bad Kitty yet?!?! Where have you been? Btw, I have a Bad Kitty tshirt too- I plan on wearing it (or maybe another tight shirt I have that's pink and girly, lol) for my Lady Gaga video that I was dared to do.

I also have a Wicked Lovely shirt but not like that one. I'm not even sure if mine actually says anything on it, lol. I'll have to go look for it. Mine is like way huge though so I hardly ever wear it. Plus, it's black- not the best thing to wear outdoors in the summer and all that.

Great vlog! I definitely hope you do more! :)

Cyndi said...

Hey some advice on how to keep wearing your shirts. Reconstruct them. Add new fabric to make it longer/bigger or cut it to make it more stylish. Just some suggestions. :D

Creative A said...

Great video! Loved it. As for your R.U.H.2 ? shirt, may I suggest cutting slits in the sides and tying them together? It's a great way to shorten and shape a long, baggy shirt while giving it some attitude. Just cut the strips three inches deep each from the bottom to a bit below the armpit. If you like, there's also a similar method where you string up the sides with shoelaces.

And was it just me, or were all those shirts BLACK?

great vlog :)

Sarah said...

Have you ever noticed that you sound kind of like Amanda Bynes? I think its absolutely hilarious and I love your t-shirts! :)

Daisy Whitney said...

Hey, you are good on camera! You should keep it up!

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