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Green Gift Giveaway

You guys may remember that back in November of last year, I posted a review as part of the Green Books Campaign, sponsered by Eco-Libris. Now, throughout the year of 2010, Eco-Libris is running a new campaign with incentives promoting green reading.
Here's how it basically works: once you balance out certain amounts of books by planting trees (all conveniently done through the Eco-Libris website), you'll receive certain rewards.
For balancing 25 books, you'll get a $10 gift card for possibly the best used book store in existence, The Strand. Yes, the actual store is located in NYC, but you can also use it online.
For balancing 50 books, you'll get a free "green" book, meaning it has been printed on recycled or FSC-certified paper. The list of available books is available here.
For balancing 100 books, you'll get a $25 gift certificate to BookSwim, which is the Netflix for books.
Also, the first 10 people to balance 100 books, will get a free copy of Jennifer Kaplan's Greening Your Small Business: How to Improve Your Bottom Line, Grow Your Brand, Satisfy Your Customers - and Save the Planet.
For more information on the Green Gift Giveaway, please see its page on the Eco-Libris website, or if you just want to learn about how to make your reading greener, visit the main Eco-Libris site.

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Morgan said...

I'll need to check out this balancing books thing becuase I'm for the whole Go Green thing. Thanks so much for posting this and giving me imformation about it.

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