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Accomplice by Eireann Corrigan is Munch-Worthy


Would you fake your own kidnapping to get into a good school?

Finn and Chloe have it all figured out. Their school guidance counselor has told everyone that it's not enough to get good grades or do community service anymore—kids like that are everywhere, and colleges are bored of them. So what do you do? Chloe decides they should get attention another way. She and Finn will stage her own disappearance—and then Finn will be the only who finds and saves her. What college wouldn't want them after that kind of attention? It seems like a good plan—until things start going very wrong.

This one sounds interesting to me primarily because I can relate. I don't mean this in the sense that I have staged a kidnapping and subsequent rescue in order to secure my place in college, of course. However, as someone who applied to colleges this year (technically the end of last year, but who's checking), I understand the stress involved in the application process. So this novel sounds like it's something that I, as well as all other high school seniors (and super over achieving juniors), would enjoy.

Releases August 1, 2010 from Scholastic Press.

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J Wiles said...

I saw this listed somewhere else and thought, "I must read this book." Can't wait for it to come out because I'm actually in the process of apply to Grad schools so I can relate from that perspective. Intriguing concept at any rate.

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