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Mini-interview with Rachel Hawkins

(This was also supposed to be a part of RAD, but I didn't get Rachel's guest blog in time, so all you guys get are the interview questions. Not that this is a bad thing.)

If you were stranded on an island, what 3 things would you take with you? (Assume you already have the bare necessities).
A velveteen rabbit my dad gave me when I was 6, my iPod touch (seriously, my addiction to that thing is a SICKNESS!), and a yellow legal pad/pen so I could write! ;-)

What is your favorite word and why?
Weirdly, all my favorite words are in French! My ultimate, most favoritest word ever is the French word for grapefruit, "Pamplemousse." Love everything about that word!

If you won one million bucks, how would you spend it?Travel! My husband and I both love going to new places and seeing new things, although he prefers to do that all rugged style with backpacks. *Shudder* So we'd probably have to take SEPARATE vacays.

If you had a t-shirt that could say anything (as in printed on it), what would it say?
"Lady Hawkins." For one thing, it's my Twitter-handle. For another, it makes me feel fancy. ;-) But it was also what my students used to call me (my husband taught at the same school, and was referred to as "Dude Hawkins.) I always thought it was a fun nickname!

What’s the best life advice you could give or have given anyone?
I actually have two! My dad always used to say, "Sit back until you know who the jerks are." Okay, so he used a much naughtier word than jerks, but the sentiment is solid! The other one is "Be gentle with yourself." I have a bad tendency to beat myself up about little things ("I said I'd write 2000 words today, and I only did half that! I bought cupcakes for my kid's party instead of making them! Bad Mommy!"), so I’m trying to take that one to heart!


Thanks Rachel for those awesome answers. I have to say that I agree with you about the iPod touch and the pamplemousse. :)

This mini-interview was brought to you as part of Rachel's blog tour in celebration of the release of Hex Hall. Don't forget to visit her on her own blog: http://readingwritingrachel.blogspot.com/.

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Shweta said...

Those are some great questions and equally awesome answers. I too agree on the Ipod thing. Totally addicted to it..

Holly said...

Great advice on life!

Arya said...

Loved the advice on life - especially the "Be gentle with yourself" sentiment!

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