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Tale of a book signing with Michael Grant

I got to meet Michael Grant, the author of the popular Gone series not too long ago on May 15. I was super excited to see him because we both used to write for Stupid Blog Name. And of course, I rarely pass up the opportunity to go to book signings (at least as of now). They're so fun!

After meeting some friends for lunch, I headed over to get a good spot at Barnes & Noble. Even though I was practically an hour early, the first two rows were already filled. Apparently, there are much bigger Gone and Michael Grant fans than me. I chatted with the other YA enthusiasts and learned about a couple of other upcoming book signings that I'm interested in.

(here's a copy of Michael Grant's latest book Lies)

When Michael arrived, he set up his Macbook on the table. Michael is into all things Mac.
(you can see him in the background with his laptop)

Finally the event started. Michael talked a little about his background. I managed to catch a good five or six minutes on my Flip camera. I would've uploaded it here, but Blogger refused to let me do so, all three times that I tried.

 Then some fun Q&A. I asked him what promped him to start writing. His answer: his wife made him.

And lastly, I got my newly purchased copy of Gone signed. I never actually owned any of the Gone series prior to that day. I reviewed a copy way back whenever that I borrowed from my friend.

(me and Michael Grant)

As I was getting my book signed, Michael and I chatted a bit about Stupid Blog Name and how both of us (and all the other contributors at that) just kinda...well, stopped contributing. But, hey, I did meet Michael Grant through it, so it was good for something while it lasted. And, that's all for now, folks!

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That looks like so much fun! You're very lucky :D

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