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Book related things that have caught my eye (and ears)

I just love getting emailed by people who let me know about all these cool book-related things going on. And I know I'm kind of selfish for rarely sharing this news with the rest of you. So, here are a couple of things that have caught my eye and ears lately.

I am a little late in posting about this one, because the SYNC program has been going on all summer! Basically, SYNC offers 2 free audiobook downloads every week until September 1, 2010. That's right, a free YA title and a free classic title, every week!

I know what you're thinking, what's the catch? Well, I'm here to tell you there is none! These titles have been donated for free by publishers in order to help build up the audiobook community. The downloads are safe, free, and supported by many music players and phones—basically any device that can play an mp3 (see the entire list of compatible devices).

In the few weeks left of summer, you can still get these great titles:

Available August 12 - August 18
Beastly by Alex Flinn
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Available August 19 - August 25
Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston
A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

Available August 26 - September 1
Handbook for Boys by Walter Dean Myers
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Visit the SYNC page on Audiobook Community for more information and free downloads before it ends on September 1, 2010.

Another bookish gem I have found is more visual than audio. No, it's not a book—or not really anyways. It's a poster that uses the entire text of a novel to form an image. Don't believe that this word art is possible? Then go ahead and check out all the fantastic posters available at Postertext. So far the selection is pretty limited, but with new posters being added every week, there will be lots of posters in no time. You can even make requests! How cool is that?

This poster is by far my favorite (because I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan!):

But this one runs a close second (because the Wizard of Oz books were a childhood favorite of mine):

So head on over to Postertext and start browsing these cool book posters!

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

oooh gotta check out those posters. that's awesome!


Krista/Tower of Books said...

Postertext is interesting, thanks for sharing!

Kirsten G said...

The posters are awesome - I can't wait to see what other titles they decide to do!

And thanks for helping to get the word out about Sync; we've had such a great response, and are looking forward to finding ways to keep Sync active in the "off-season" between summer reading/listening programs. Did you join Audiobook Community, as well? We'd love to hear your feedback on the discussion about this week's titles!

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