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Interview with Sean McCartney

What was your inspiration for writing Secrets of the Magical Medallions?
My main inspiration was to create a series I would have read as a kid. I wanted to take the mystery of the Hardy Boys, which I loved, and tie it together with the action-adventure of movies like Indiana Jones and National Treasure.

Why did you choose to write about treasure hunting, particularly from young people’s perspectives?
I saw it as something anyone can do but especially kids. You don’t need super powers or a lot of money, just a desire to research lost treasures and artifacts. Treasure hunting is fun and exciting.

What sort of research did you have to do for this novel?
Lots of historical research about the treasures. One of things I wanted to make sure of is that the treasures the club goes after are real and all of the artifacts have validity.

Which of your characters can you relate to most and why?
Probably Tommy. I always wanted to join clubs or groups and strike out on adventures.

What was your favorite part about writing Secrets of the Magical Medallions?
The research. I had the most fun sitting in the library pouring over historical books about lost treasure.

What was the most difficult part about writing Secret of the Magical Medallions?
Days when the writing was like getting blood from a stone. As a writer you have to fight through that because you know it won’t last.

What is the most interesting thing you learned while writing Secrets of the Magical Medallions? (This can be about yourself, about writing, or anything at all).
The importance of getting the right word versus the almost right word. I’ll use Mark Twain’s quote about this. He said, “The difference between the right word and the wrong word is like the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” And he is right.

What is the most rewarding part of being a middle grade/young adult author?
Getting more kids to read and enjoy what they read. As a teacher I see reading as the most important skill a student can have. I want my books to help bridge the gap between reading to read and reading for enjoyment and learning.

If there was one thing you could change about Secrets of the Magical Medallions, what would it be?
Mass distribution. Working with a small publisher you don’t get out to the book stores like the big publishers do and that can be frustrating.

What are you working on next?
The second book in The Treasure Hunters Club series.

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