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I feel like I haven't been very active on my blog lately. Granted, book reviews have obviously been posted, but that was scheduled way ahead of time, like months ago. Thus, I have decided to grace you with my slightly more current voice to tell you of things that are of interest to me and possibly to you as well.

First up on the agenda is the 2010 Green Books Campaign sponsored by Eco-Libris. I participated last year, but unfortunately, I just do not have the time this year. But my absence from this event shouldn't stop you from getting involved. And you should. Learn more about the 2010 Green Books Campaign and how to get involved over at the Eco-Libris blog.

The other thing that needs to be brought up are book signings. For those of you not in the know, I am now a resident of New York City. That means there are book signings of interest practically every day (or week) within reasonable distance. Of course, I cannot go to ALL of them because of this tiny little thing called classes (for example, I'm going to have to pass up seeing Alexandra Adornetto because of scheduling conflicts).

I did go to a book signing two days ago, though. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you who it was for quite yet because I got a gift for my sister there which she still does not know about, and I want it to remain a secret until then. After that, I'll be sure to put up some pictures.

And you should expect even more pictures and commentary after this coming Monday, because that's when I'm going to go see three incredibly talented authors: Siobhan Vivian, Cecil Castellucci, and Natalie Standiford. They'll be having a nice little YA panel moderated by author and editor extraordinaire David Levithan at BookCourt in Brooklyn. I'm especially excited to see Siobhan because I absolutely adore her and her books. And hey, if you're in the area or planning to go the book signing, let me know! Either email me or look out for me (I'll be slightly overdressed).

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