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5 Book Events + 1 Contest

Since I was too lazy forgot to post about all the events I went to last week, you guys are about to be inundated with pictures and commentary from the events I attended in the past two weeks. That means everything from  different events. But, I'm going to tell you up front that you have something to look forward to at the end of this post! (I'd say it's pretty obvious from the title of this post, but if you still can't figure it out, then read on...)

Two Sundays ago, I went down to Books of Wonder to see six different authors: Leah Cypress, Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban, Kaitlin Kittredge, Kate Milford, Jen Nadol, and Caragh M. O’Brien. The whole event was a lot of fun, and I loved getting to hear each author read and talk about her books.

Leah Cypress, Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban, and Caitlin Kittredge
Kate Milford, Jen Nadol, and the lovely Caragh M. O'Brien

The highlight of that event for me, though, was having the opportunity to chat with Caragh. I have been a huge fan of Birthmarked for over a year, and thanks to my interning privileges, I have also secured a copy of its sequel, Prized. Caragh was an absolute sweetheart in response to some serious fangirling by myself and Kaila, a Books of Wonder employee extraordinaire, and was generous enough to sit through all my tedious questions of “research” for my related Intern Chronicles blog post.

Kaila gives Caragh an orange
me and Caragh M. O'Brien

That next Tuesday, I attended the Romance Writers of America Literacy Autographing. Now, I stick pretty closely to YA in my reading and don’t really have time to read romance, but there are actually quite a large number of YA authors who are members of RWA.

I had a great time walking around with my awesome author friend Kody Keplinger. Because Kody is so cool and knows so many other authors, I had the opportunity to talk with Sophie Jordan, Erica O’Rourke, Kimberly Derting, Heather Davis, Tera Lynn Childs, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Simone Elkeles, Jennifer Echols, Sarah MacLean, and more. I was a little too overwhelmed by the sheer size of the event to take any pictures, but I did get to eat dinner (or in my case, dessert) with a few authors after the madness was over, including Kody, Sophie, Kimberly, Tera, Heather, all of which I got to chat with during the event, as well as the lovely Inara Scott.

That Thursday, I made my way back to Books of Wonder for yet another event. This one was for Kimberly Derting, Adele Griffin, Lisa Schroeder, and Laurie Faria Stolarz. All of the readings were fabulous. Especially Adele’s, and not only because she borrowed my copy of Tighter to read from. Laurie even gave us a sneak peak at the fourth book in her Touch series, called Deadly Little Voices, which was just fantastic. This is not a series that I have kept up with, but Laurie’s reading was enough to make me want to dive back in!

Kimberly Derting & Adele Griffin
Lisa Schroeder & Laurie Faria Stolarz
me and the lovely Adele Griffin

Now, who else did I see there besides the lovely ladies who were featured? This list would include Kody Keplinger, Frankie from First Novels Club, Mitali from Alley of Books, someone else who reads this blog (you know who you are!) and probably other people who have slipped my mind, even though this event was only a week ago!

Now for the events of this week! On Tuesday, I went back to Books of Wonder, again, to see Leah Clifford, Lisa Desrochers, and Courtney Allison Moulton. Each of these new lovely ladies read from her book and then took questions from the audience.

Courtney Allison Moulton, Leah Clifford, and Lisa Desrochers

In addition to getting a few books signed (hint hint), I had the best time chatting with Kody Keplinger (that’s right, that would make 3 Kody sightings in one week!), Frankie from First Novels Club, and each of the authors there.

Before we get ahead of ourselves for the contest, I want to squeeze in one last event! On Wednesday, I made it down to the Jefferson Market branch of the NYPL for the July Teen Author Reading Night. This Reading Night featured a grand total of 9 authors (though there were many more in attendance): Tara Altebrando, Matt Blackstone, Christopher Grant, Alissa Grosso, Sarah Darer Littman, Blake Nelson, Gae Polisner, Nova Ren Suma, and Melissa Walker. Each read a short snippet from their latest or upcoming book and then took questions from David Levithan and the audience.

Gae Polisner, Alissa Grosso, Sarah Darer Littman, Tara Altebrando, Melissa Walker, Nova Ren Suma, Matt Blackstone, Blake Nelson, and Christopher Grant

I got to chat with so many other exciting people who were also in the audience including: authors Léna Roy, Marianna Baer, Gwendolyn Heasley, Michael Northrop, and Jon Yang; Mitali from Alley of Books; Sam from Living Little Women; and, of course, Marie, a super cool librarian.

And now (drumroll please), the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the contest!


(1) lucky winner will received signed copies of Personal Demons and Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers

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That is so awesome. I also adore Kody and wish I could have spotted her just once.

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Wow! I have no idea how you manage to go to all those events at BoW. I can't do that on my college budget! :P

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Looks like alot of fun! Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

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