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On the naming of book blogs

This is actually a post that I planned to write a long while ago, started, and never finished. What prompted it? Well, every once in a while, I decide it’s a good idea to google stalk myself. No, it’s probably not a good idea, but every once in a while I come across something interesting.

Sometime last year, I came across a blog called Triple E: Book Muncher Extraordinaire. Now, I don’t think so highly of myself and my blog that I believe everyone knows the name The Book Muncher. But it was still a little weird to find another blog that shared part of my blog name. I mean, I know I haven’t exactly taken legal action to claim “The Book Muncher” as my own, but still.

Triple E: Book Muncher Extraordinaire was a relatively new blog when I found it, and I assume it’s no longer in existence since Blogger tells me it has been removed when I clicked my bookmarked link. But it still got me thinking about the process of naming book blogs.

When I started blogging over three years ago, there definitely weren’t as many book review blogs in existence as there are now. I had only browsed a couple of different book blogs by the time I decided to create my own. As a fourteen-year-old, I wanted my blog name to relate to books and be cute but original. I would not settle for just “[insert name here] + book reviews.” I remember really liking the blog name The Page Flipper—but, I also remember not wanting my blog name to be a rip off of someone else’s. So, I thought really hard and somehow came up with The Book Muncher. It relates to books (obviously), it’s pretty cute (at least to my fourteen-year-old brain), and, from what I’ve seen over the past years in other blog names, it’s still reasonably original.

Now, just the other day, I decided to google stalk myself again after a long break from said activity. In my hunt, I found another blog titled The Book Muncher—only on Wordpress instead of Blogger. It’s a new young adult book review blog that has only been in existence for a couple of months. I haven’t contacted this blogger, and I don’t know if I ever will, but I am a little curious as to how he/she decided to pick The Book Muncher.

I feel that naming a book blog now is a little different from naming a book blog two or three years ago. Online book reviewing has not only become much more popular but it has also become much more legitimate. Thousands of people read book blogs. In fact, I think a lot of people who read book blogs end up creating their own.

I may be totally mistaken with all of my assumptions. So I want to know your thoughts. If you’re a book blogger, how did you name your blog? If you’re a reader, what do you think makes for a good book blog name?

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A Simple Love of Reading said...

I guess I'm pretty lucky that it seems no one else has my title. I just thought it was a nice, simple title. Because it completely describes me and the reviews that I do! :)

Donna said...

Mine's a few years old but I named mine based on my review style (I bite into books, chew them up and spit them out, hense the tag line of my blog). If I found another blog with the same name, I'd contact them about it. I just had a new blogger contact me because what she wanted to name her blog matched the title of one of my memes exactly. So she wanted to talk about it. I think that's awesome, and respectful, and a great way to start a book blogging career. But a lot of people don't seem to put any effort into it. Of course great minds think alike but why wouldn't you Google something to make sure it's not already taken? So many people feign innocence when something like that happens but I'm hardpressed to believe it. So many people just don't care that it saddens me.

Helen's Book Blog said...

When I started my book blog I wanted to name it something clever, perhaps with alliteration, but I didn't like anything I came up with. Not wanting to wait to blog I went with a boring name: Helen's Book Blog. But, now I like it because it's easy to remember and says what my blog is about. :-)

Robyn @ Robolobolyn's Universe said...

My book blog is called Robolobolyn's Universe of Books. There are similar titles involving "Wolrd of Books" or "Universe" but no other "Robolobolyn's" Probably because no one else has friends who think up such weird nicknames. Ones that stick! lol

Anonymous said...

I never thought much about the name of my blog. I started around 3-4 years ago, too and it pretty much has no direct relation to reading as far as I can tell. But 90% of the posts are book reviews.

I am not particularly more interested in blogs with catchier names. I pick blogs I like based on what kind of books are being reviewed and the likability of the writing style and how often they update. That's about it! :)


Grace said...

My friend and I are doing a book blog. Have been for a while. We got our title from Emily Dickinson's poem "There Is No Frigate Like A Book." Our blog is To Take Us Lands Away, but we renamed it Lands Away to have it shorter. :) It's still relatively new, and we're trying to figure out how to spice it up but... *shrugs* Oh, well.

What I look for in a book blog is a unique, or fun, name. I tend not to start following specific blogs. Example of what I don't follow: book blogs that only review or read a specific kind/genre of book - like paranormal romance only. It bugs me. Yours is an example what I do like. :D

Jenn said...

My blog name came about in a similar fashion. I wanted something interesting and original that also included books/reading somehow. My blog is only a year old--well after the book blogger sphere grew. So while I was choosing, I actually Googled titles I was considering so that it would be on the original side. I also didn't want to step all over another blogger's name.

Ms. Yingling said...

When I started almost 6 years ago, I thought of the blog more as an auxiliary memory bank than as something other people read, so I had the uninspired Ms. Yingling Reads. I pick blogs more on content, but I wish I had a cooler name. Seems too late to change now!

Shanella said...

I only started blogging about books this year - though I've been blogging in general for a while. My blog is called irevewbooks on Tumblr because I was tried and couldn't find any of my choices (all of which I've forgotten) at the time.
The "companion" to my Tumblr is a blogger blog called shanellareads ... which is well ... not very imaginative as my name is Shanella and it's about books I've read. ha

J Wiles said...

My book blog originally came about because everyone loved the book about Dewey the library cat and I didn't. So, in response, I named my blog "Don't Read This Book" and then it morphed to "(Don't) Read This Book" when I started loving some books enough to review them instead of all the books I didn't like. Now it's a bit of everything from juvenile to adult, fiction and non, along with a few other bookish odds and ends. I don't have a huge following, nor do I care if I do. I just try to add a different book every month whether it's a short review or a more in depth one.

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