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A recap of the latest events I attended

It's been a busy month, but I still managed to attend some pretty awesome events!

A few weeks ago, I went to the October Teen Author Reading Night at the Jefferson Market Library branch of the NYPL. I got there super early, but that just meant I had more time to chat with awesome people, such as Sam from Living Little Women as well as many of the night's featured authors, including Kody Keplinger, Michelle Hodkin, Jocelyn Davies, and Anna Heltzel.

Leila Sales, Jocelyn Davies, and Anna Heltzel (hmm, why does this combo look so familiar?)
Cecily Von Ziegesar, Anna Godbersen, Michelle Hodkin, and Kody Keplinger

This fantastic panel also included Cecily Von Ziegesar (who was running a little late to the event), Anna Godbersen, and Leila Sales, if you couldn't tell from the photos above. I quite enjoyed hearing each of them read from their books and the great Q&A afterward. I especially enjoyed mobbing (okay, not quite mobbing) Cecily Von Zeigesar to ask her to sign my copy of Gossip Girl Psycho Killer and tell her how awesome a concept it is. I also got to chat briefly with the head of Poppy, an imprint of Little Brown Books for Young Readers, and author Leila Sales before heading out to dinner with Kody Keplinger, Kody's agent, my boss, and others.

Then, two Thursdays ago, I headed on over to Brooklyn with Kody Keplinger to see A.S. King at the Brooklyn Public Library. I was especially excited for this event because I have been waiting to meet A.S. King for about three years, ever since I read and loved her first book The Dust of 100 Dogs. We got there pretty early and got to chat with two of the coolest librarians ever.

When A.S. King arrived, I immediately went over to introduce myself, because I was so excited to finally get to meet her! She is just a seriously awesome person, in so many ways, which made her event so much more enjoyable. She talked a lot about her background, her writing, and her newest book Everybody Sees the Ants, read a bit, and answered some Q&A.

A.S. King reads from Everybody Sees the Ants; notice her awesome shirt and awesome publicist in the background

I was able to get the ARC I gave away in a contest signed for its winner and even snagged another one for myself from the prizes for everyone in attendance. And Kody and I also got to chat with A.S. King's lovely publicist and editor. All in all, it was a very cool event. I'm so excited that I got to meet the A.S. King! I think I'm still in awe of her awesomeness. :)

Finally, last Saturday, I went to two more events. The first one was a big event at Books of Wonder for seven authors: Sarah Beth Durst, Alison Goodman, Jeff Hirsch, Jon Skovron, Scott Westerfeld, Maryrose Wood, and Gabrielle Zevin. Even though I knew the store would be super packed because Scott Westerfeld is so popular, I still arrived a little late with my usual belated punctuality.

Jeff Hirsch, Maryrose Wood, Sarah Beth Durst, & Scott Westerfeld
Gabrielle Zevin, Alison Goodman, & (behind the pillar) Jon Skovron

I only had one book to get signed, but I spent the rest of the time chatting with lots of wonderful people, including authors Marianna Baer, Kody Keplinger, Sarah Beth Durst, Maryrose Wood, and Gabrielle Zevin; bloggers Genna from Reading, Writing, and the World of Words and Erica from The Book Cellar; and a couple of awesome interns, Adam and Jennifer.

Later that day, I made my way over to Brooklyn again with Kody Keplinger for Cecily Von Ziegesar's launch event for Gossip Girl Psycho Killer. Even though I already saw her earlier this month, I knew I couldn't miss the opportunity to hear Cecily read again from her newest book, as it was quite hilarious the first time and sure to be just as much the next.

Cecily Von Ziegesar reads from Gossip Girl Psycho Killer

But don't take my word for how funny she is. Here's a video so you can watch for yourself:

And thus ends this recap of the books events I went to this month!

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holdenj said...

I just read Past Perfect, so it was fun to see Leila Sales with her book on the table! You live in such a great place, glad you can take advantage of so many wonderful events!

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