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Prized Blog Tour: Happy Pub Day!

If you couldn't tell already from the nifty little button above, I am indeed on the blog tour for Prized by Caragh O'Brien. In fact, I am the last stop on the tour (for all previous stops, see the intro tour post at MacTeenBooks). I know we're all sad that all this blog tour fun is coming to a close, but luckily, there are many other things to cheer you up, the very first being that it is indeed the publication day for Prized!

That's right, for those of you have been impatiently awaiting the sequel to Birthmarked, you have to wait no longer! Prized is out today!

To start off the festivities, the lovely Caragh O'Brien herself and I have collaborated to bring you a musical treat: playlists for both Birthmarked and Prized. They are embedded below for your listening pleasure.

Birthmarked playlist:

Prized playlist:

Wait, but that's not all! If you've been following along with the Prized blog tour (as I hope you have been!), then you should know all about the Blog Tour Code. Since I know you're all eager to solve it, here's your last clue:

Prized Code #16: G

For the solution to the Code, scroll just a little further to the end of this post (after the break)!

Finally, before you go run out to obtain your much coveted copy of Prized, I just wanted to remind you that all day today, yes TODAY, Caragh will be on GoodReads to chat with you, yes YOU! So, head on over, leave your questions, and participate in the interactive chat!


The Prized Blog Tour Code: THE PRIZED RULE NOT

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