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A Not-So-Catastrophic Launch Party

Last Thursday, I headed on down to Books of Wonder for the not-at-all-catastrophic launch party for debut author Jess Rothenberg's The Catastrophic History of You and Me.

The bookstore was pretty crowded by the time I got there, only a few minutes late. It's either because Jess Rothenberg has lots and lots of friends and admirers; because there was tons of pizza, cookies, and drinks; or, more probably, a safe combination of both.

After giving everyone some time to mingle, Jess Rothenberg sat down to read from her novel, answered some Q&A from the audience, and then hosted some 80s trivia (with prizes, too!).

Jess Rothenberg, lots of flowers, and a giant poster of her book cover!

Sadly, my copy of The Catastrophic History of You and Me is currently residing in another state, so I couldn't quite participate in the signing part of the night. However, I did quite enjoy myself talking to tons and tons of wonderful people: bloggers Mitali from Alley of Books, Rachel from Bookshelf Lust, and Britta from I Like These Books; authors Marianna Baer, Jocelyn Davies, Alecia Whitaker, and Kate Hosford; and my favorite Books of Wonder employees. Also spotted were authors Courtney Sheinmel, Leila Sales, Sarah Mlynowski, and Adele Griffin, among others.

I was having so much fun talking to everyone that I stayed way longer than I intended! Needless to say, this was certainly one heck of a launch party—not catastrophic at all!

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