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Passenger by Andrew Smith is Munch-Worthy

Best friends Jack and Conner can’t stay away from Marbury. It’s partly because of their obsession with this alternate world and the unresolved war that still wages there. But it’s also because forces in Marbury—including the darkest of the dark, who were not revealed in The Marbury Lens—are beckoning the boys back in order to save their friends . . . and themselves.

The boys try to destroy the lens that transports them to Marbury. But that dark world is not so easily reckoned with. Reality and fantasy, good and evil—Andrew Smith’s masterpiece closes the loop that began with The Marbury Lens. But is it really closed? Can it ever be?

There are both no words and too many words to express how freaking excited I am for this book. When I read The Marbury Lens last summer, I enjoyed it, but as time went on, the story and its strange, disturbing, and enigmatic world grew on me. I admit, now, I am rather addicted to Marbury.

The only potential cure for my ailment? Probably finding myself a copy of Passenger...

But really, in all seriousness, this is not a book any of you will want to miss, and if you still haven't yet read The Marbury Lens and are prepared to be spooked out, then get on it!

Releases October 2, 2012 from Macmillan Children's Publishing Group.

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Cassandra (The Book and Movie Dimension blogger) said...

This sounds good.
For some unknown reason have a feeling The Marbury Lens and Passenger would be fantastic reads. The alternate world connections sound interesting.

-Book & Movie Dimension a Blog

Anonymous said...

This is awesome news-I just ordered a copy for the library. I loved Marbury Lens, but it is a difficult book to recommend to my teen readers.

Andrew Smith said...

Well, thank you for that TBM. I hope you manage to get a copy at BEA or at ALA, if you're going to be there. And, as a heads-up, there will be a short story that connects the two books in some pretty weird ways that will be coming (free) from TOR books before PASSENGER arrives. --Andrew Smith

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