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A couple of book events

For some reason, earlier this week (pre-book events), it felt like I hadn't gone to a book event in a really long time. It probably had only been a couple of weeks. But for someone who regularly goes to these things, no wonder it felt like withdrawal!

Anyway, last Tuesday, I made it over to Books of Wonder for the launch part for Mothership by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal (which is a pseudonym for Lisa Graff, a middle grade author). The co-authors first introduced their new book and then got right down to reading.

Isla Neal & Martin Leicht
They read, with a full cast!

After the reading, there was some fun trivia, with prizes that included DVDs, both sci-fi- and romance-themed; some Q&A; and then lots of mingling!

The baby announcement banner near the snacks

I had a great time laughing my head off at this event and chatting with Mitali from Teen Author Carnival, my friend Marisa who's a fab publishing intern, Martin Leicht's agent, my favorite marketing lady from Simon & Schuster, and my illustrious boss. 

Then, the next day, I headed over to the Jefferson Market branch of the NYPL for July's Teen Author Reading Night. This one featured Zoraida Cordova, Elizabeth Eulberg, Huntley Fitzpatrick, Brian Meehl, Kieran Scott, Mary Thompson, Anna Waggener, and Melissa Walker.

Brian Meehl, Melissa Walker, Anna Waggener, Zoraida Cordova
Huntley Fitzpatrick, Mary Thompson, Kieran Scott, Elizabeth Eulberg

As per usual, each author introduced and read a bit from his/her new book, answered questions from our host David Levithan, and then took questions from the audience.

And to answer your unspoken question, no, these two little events were not enough to satisfy my book event appetite. Here's to hoping there are more awesome events soon...

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