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Venom by Fiona Paul is Munch-Worthy

Night falls and temptation beckons in Renaissance Venice...

When Cassandra goes to visit her friend Liviana's crypt and finds a murdered courtesan inside instead of Livi, her world turns upside down. Before she knows it, she's involved with Falco, a grave-robbing artist, on her way to discovering the corruption in the elite Venetian society.

Beauty, love, romance, mayhem and murder all combine in this seductive thriller.

The glamour. The intrigue. The romance of Venice. Why would I not want to read this book?

But in all seriousness, Venom seems like it's going to have all the makings of a great historical mystery, with all its murders, secrets, and, my personal favorite, corruption. It also helps that historical Venice seems like it will be the perfect enchanting and mysterious backdrop for such a story.

Also, have you seen the mask of the cover of this book? Swoon. Too  bad it won't match my glasses.

Releases October 30, 2012 from Penguin Young Readers Group.

2 munch(es) :

fakesteph said...

I'm dyyyyying to read this one. AND I LOVE THE MASK! I want to go to a masquarade.

Fiona Paul said...

Yay for munchworthiness! :)

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