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A couple of book events

Last weekend, I made my way down to Books of Wonder, post-Snowpocalypse, just so that I could go to Victoria Schwab's only NYC book signing!

Victoria Schwab

Victoria read briefly from the prologue of her new YA book, The Archived, and then took a number of great questions from the audience. I loved getting to hear her talk about her inspiration for The Archived as well as her reasons for doing certain things stylistically with the book. I have to say that I'm impressed by the diversity of Victoria's writing: her first novel was a fairytale-esque YA, her second is a the start to a new YA series, her upcoming book is an adult novel about supervillains, and after that, she'll have a middle grade trilogy about guardian angels. That's a lot of worlds to keep track of!

Then, a couple days ago, I went back to Books of Wonder, arriving just in time for the Breathless Reads event featuring authors Fiona Paul, Lili Peloquin, Beth Revis, Morgan Rhodes, Elizabeth Richards, and Jessica Spotswood.

Fiona Paul, Lili Peloquin, Beth Revis, Morgan Rhodes, Elizabeth Richards, & Jessica Spotswood

Moderator Breia Brissey, an associate editor at Entertainment Weekly, asked a lot of fun questions for the six authors (such as what each author's ideal job would be if she weren't a writer—Beth Revis's answer was Indiana Jones). Then the authors took some questions from the audience, which led to a discussion of how these authors have time to watch so much TV and what their favorite TV shows are (it was a big surprise for everyone to learn that Elizabeth Richards has a thing for Extreme Couponing). Unfortunately, I had to leave the event early, so I missed the signing portion of the event, but I have to say that the entire 45 minutes or so that I was there were thoroughly enjoyable and full of laughs.

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Tammy said...

Sounds like a fun event-glad you got to be there! Thanks for sharing the experience.

holdenj said...

Fun--glad to hear the snow didn't bog you down too much. Did Beth Revis talk about any new projects? Just finished Shades of Earth, which seems to be the last for that trilogy.

The Book Muncher said...

holdenj -
You know, I can't actually recall any specifics about Beth Revis's new projects. I'm pretty sure there is going to be something new from her, but either she can't talk about it or was too superstitious.

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