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Tale of a book signing with Marissa Meyer

A couple weeks ago or so, I found myself on the G train, which is basically my least favorite NYC subway line ever. What required such personal sacrifice, you ask? Why, this was an important trip to a part of Brooklyn only accessible by that train, where the super awesome bookstore WORD is, for an even more awesome fairytale-themed event!

I make a lot of sacrifices for book signings.

(But actually, the trip wasn't too bad, thankfully).

Ellen Datlow, Marissa Meyer, & Genevieve Valentine

This event was a panel-slash-conversation with Ellen Datlow, who has edited many fairytale anthologies; Marissa Meyer, whose YA novel Cinder is a futuristic, cyborg version of Cinderella; and Genevieve Valentine, who writes for adults and is very interested in fairytale retellings. What was interesting about this event was that it really spanned audiences and genres for a broader discussion of fairytales and their retellings.

There was also some fairytale trivia for prizes, including a some cool sweatshirts. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I did not win anything, despite the fact that I am currently enrolled in a class that's basically about fairytales. Unfortunately, I haven't read the version of Sleeping Beauty where Aurora is only woken up from her slumber when her child sucks a splinter from her finger (which apparently does happen in one early version of the tale!).

I had a wonderful time at this great event, both listening to the panel and chatting with great people afterwards, including my favorite marketing and publicity people from Macmillan; a lovely Macmillan editor; as well as bloggers Julie from Bloggers[heart]Books and Danielle, who I've seen around at several events but never formally met until then.

In all, it was a fantastic event, and one well worth the trip!

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holdenj said...

Thanks for the report, and safe return. :)

Sounds like a neat event and so does your class. Fairytales have many incarnations.

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