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I love working with authors, agents, publicists, and other bookish people to promote books online. My standard options are book reviews, author posts, and contests, but I am always open to other creative promotional opportunities.

If you are interested in any of The Book Muncher's promotional opportunities, then contact me with your inquiry.

Book Review Policy
[updated 4/26/2012]

I am currently NOT accepting books for review. Additionally, due to time constraints, I regret to say that I am unable to respond to all emails regarding review requests.

I review mostly young adult books in all genres except non-fiction, anthologies, self-help, and religion. I do occasionally accept middle grade and adult titles to review. I generally do not accept self-published titles and ebooks, though exceptions may be made if my interest is piqued.

Reviews are a free service. Please include a synopsis/summary of your book and any other relevant information when requesting a review. I do not accept all books to review, and this is for everyone's benefit: I as the reviewer am saved from having to read something I may not be interested in and the author is saved from a potentially negative review.

If I accept your book to review, I will review it. I review all books sent to me for that purpose, but timing in the production of reviews is subject to my personal school and work schedule, when the review was originally requested, and when the book was received.

Reviews are generally structured in a three-paragraph format, the first for summary, the second for review, and the last for any final comments or recommendations. Length varies, depending on what I have to say.

Book reviews are scheduled to post according to when reviewed and the book's release date. Reviews for unreleased books are generally delayed until publication month unless otherwise requested.

Reviews posted on The Book Muncher are also posted on Amazon, GoodReads, and Shelfari.

Lastly, I'd like to remind all authors that reviews are opinion, and that while you are entitled to react in the way you choose to negative reviews, it is impolite and rude to insult the reviewer and/or encourage others to do so. Negative reviews are not insults to authors but are intended as comments and constructive criticisms about the author's work.

Author Posts

The Book Muncher has two standard author post features.

Random Author Days consist of 5 random questions and a guest blog. I pick the random questions, but the guest blog may be on any topic. Scheduling for RAD is very flexible.

These interviews are as standard and simple as they get. I come up with 10 or so questions, and you answer them.


Perhaps my favorite of all types of promotion, as I'm sure goes for many other readers, are contests. Who doesn't love a free book or book swag?

There are no prerequisites (such as international mailing) if you want to give away a copy of your book (or more!) on The Book Muncher. Contests go according to your schedule and resources.