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The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols

The Boys Next Door (Simon Romantic Comedies)This summer is when Lori turns sixteen, and it’s her chance to bud into a woman, someone that Sean can realize as a potential girlfriend. So she devises a step-by-step plan to get him to notice and ask her out. But it doesn’t seem to work; even if her flirts with her a little, he hasn’t asked her out yet.

So Lori gets some help and advice. She confides her plan to the Sean’s younger brother and her good friend Adam. Her only advice from her old nanny Fanny is to watch out for those boys next door.

Soon the plan has to change. Lori sees Adam’s girlfriend Rachel cheating on Adam with Sean, so Lori and Adam decide to pretend to go out in order to make Sean and Rachel jealous. But what Lori doesn’t know is that Adam doesn’t really want to get Rachael back because he likes someone else.

I found this book very cute, funny, and romantic. That’s probably why it was published by Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies. Lori’s character is very witty, and I enjoyed reading from her point of view. The way Lori mixed up Adam and Sean was hilarious, and I found myself a little sad when the story was over. I recommend this book to all teens who are fans of romance, and I plan to check out more Romantic Comedies from Simon Pulse.

Rating: 4.5

Review copy from personal collection

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Chelsea said...

This one sounds good, too! I love Simon Pulse's romantic comedies.

Anonymous said...

i read this book.. for a 9th grade english assignment. and omg! it was absolutly amazing.. i'm a cheerleader and i was on the sideline with my other cheerleading friends during breaks reading it together! i was absolutely wrapped up in this book. i definitely recommend for anyone!

Anonymous said...

Yo theis book is teh biz. i usually dont read the simon pulse books but dayumm this was dope

Anonymous said...

i read this book only becuause i needed something to read and this was the only thing that was near!when i started reading it i didn't think it was that interesting but later after i read more i wanted to find out more and i feel in love with it!!
it's amazing!!!
anyone who is in a mood for an amazing book yous hould read this!!

Anonymous said...

this is my fav book! its REALLY cute! youll want to keep reading it and never out it down! adam seems like the guy all girls have been dreaming of.

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