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Violet on the Runway by Melissa Walker

Violet thinks she’s been plain and practically good at nothing for…forever. She’s always tried to fit in, but when you are taller than everyone by a good margin, that’s kind of hard to do. So when she’s approached by a representative from Tryst models, who offers to whish her off the fashion world in New York, she accepts. Because this might be her chance to shine.

Through the course of the novel, Violet learns a lot about herself, her friends, and the competitive nature of her fellow model and roommate Veronica. She gets lost in all the glamour from time to time, and grows accustomed to the wonderful world that is New York City. When she becomes a successful model, she starts to realize that she doesn’t have anyone to turn to but herself. Her parents are in another state, her real friends back home are mad at her, her fake friends back home are boring her, and she doesn’t have any real friends in NYC. And when she finally takes a look at herself, she realizes that she doesn’t like what she sees.

Violet on the Runway was one of my favorite books to read for several reasons. First of all, reading about the fashion world was very fun. Though the lingo was sometimes hard for me to understand because I am not a fashion junkie, it made the book more realistic. What I really like though, was how the story went deeper than just the competitiveness of models and fashion. I also loved the characters, especially Violet, whose name inspired many alliterating nicknames. The ending leaves plenty of room for more books in the series, and I cannot wait until Violet by Design and Violet in Private are released.

I recommend this book for fans of Poseur, because they are both about the fashion world. Even if you are not a fashion lover, you can still get into this book, because it was amazing.

Rating: 4.5

Review copy from personal collection

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Chelsea said...

I'm glad you liked it! :)

I definitely agree with you. People who aren't into fashion (like me!) can still really enjoy it. It's much more than just a book about modeling and fashion.

Anna said...

i really want to read this. but my library doesn't have it. :[


Melissa Walker said...

thanks for the great review!

hope, if you ask your librarian, they'll probably order it. or email me and i'll send them a post card nudge. :)

Em said...

I'm definitely looking forward to Violet by Design. And have you read Melissa's blog? It's great - she posts almost daily and she always has fun contests going.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachael!
You know that Violet by Design's release date is 3/4/08, right?

alisonwonderland said...

i read Violet on the Runway for the A~Z challenge too. i also enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I just finished Violet on the Runway and it was pretty good. I'm not into fashion (understatement of the century), but it was still an enjoyable read.

Red Sox Girl said...

i loved the book! there is an interview with the author of the violet books on my blog excersiseyourmind.blogspot.com

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