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Frenemies by Alexa Young

FrenemiesAvalon Greene and Halley Brandon have been best friends since forever. Avalon decides to throw a party to celebrate this friendship right after the beginning of eighth grade, and event Halley isn’t too wild about at first but eventually accepts. They are coauthors of their school’s fashion blog which nearly the entire school reads. But after their first summer apart from one another, it seems as if each girl has found new friends and a new style. Or is it all just a big understanding? Either way, it seems that their almost lifelong friendship is going down the drain.

Avalon, the true daughter of two lawyers, draws up an “agreement” for this awkward arrangement, but it doens make their non-friendship any easier. From petty arguments to attacks on each other’s fashion sense (or lack thereof), this is full out war. But it is temporary? Will their friendship survive, or is it truly over?

For me, Frenemies was interesting at best. The cover misleading; the cover girls may have accurate hair colors, but similarities with the main characters stop at that. The twists and arguments were repetitive; just when everything seemed like it was going to be okay, something had to go wrong. The whole plot was a bit too “middle school” for my taste, but I think that’s the intended audience. I also liked how the story was consistently focused on friendship.

Also, I found it slightly annoying that there was so much obsession about fashion. The obsession itself wasn’t bad, but the references to certain designer left me confused. I am by no means a fashion guru. I did not understand the majority of these references, and I was only able to discern who these people were from the context. Nevertheless, I did like the fashion blog and fashion advice scattered throughout the book (minus the fashion insults).

As this novel is more for the middle school crowd, I recommend it for fans of the Clique series by Lisi Harrison. Reviewers who liked Lucky by Rachel Vail (it’s not out yet) will also like Frenemies because of the similarities. Other fashion forward readers who liked Poseur by Rachel Maude and Violet on the Runway by Melissa Walker will also appreciate this book. Frenemies is going to be turned into a series, but since the first one didn’t completely wow me or capture my attention, it’s not a book I will run out to buy (which doesn’t mean I won’t read it, because I probably will).

Rating: 3.75

Review copy form publisher HarperCollins

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Anonymous said...

I have this book in my TBR pile, and am looking forward to reading it.

I'm glad that you at least liked it a bit. We'll see how I like it in about a month, lol.

Very good review though! :) I enjoyed it.

Melissa Walker said...

Sounds like this book is for the younger, Clique set. Thanks for the honest review!

Melissa Walker said...

PS-Alexa's blog is way funny and worth reading: http://alexayoung.blogspot.com/

Anna said...

hm, i think i'd like this one... i like to read the clique books, too... even if they are for younger readers. :p


Unknown said...

Oh, Book Muncher! I'm so sorry this didn't suit your particular appetite, but I'm happy to hear you were at least able to swallow it without too many digestive problems. :) In all seriousness...you've hit the nail on the head regarding target audience (and my sentiments exactly on the cover models. Argh!)--although I hope some older readers will enjoy it too. (I love the Clique books and, well, I'm not twelve anymore.)

Anyway, I'm so grateful for your thoughtful and constructive feedback. (Hey, I can't grow as I writer if I'm showered with nothing but praise, right?!) Many thanks for the review. (And thanks for the blog plug, Melissa. :) xoxo PS: Hope and BC: Do let me know what you think of it.

Keri Mikulski said...

Nice review, Book Muncher..

Alexa - what a great way to look at reviews - growth - love it.. :) Can't wait to pick up Frenemies and like Melissa, I so enjoy your blog.. BTW - I have a great story about a guy friend of mine who was totally engrossed in a Clique novel, while waiting for his wife to finish setting up her 7th grade classroom, that he refused to leave until he finished the book.. :) Have a great weekend, Book Muncher!

Judy said...

Very nice review. Personally i enjoyed the book more than you did and i would give it a rating on 4.5 but different people have different oppinions. Im looking forward to reading the second book of the series,Faketastic~!


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