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Bringing the Boy Home by N.A. Nelson

Bringing the Boy HomeIn the Takunami tribe that lives hidden in the Amazon rainforest, boys are trained from a young age for their soche seche tente, a test all boys of thirteen must pass lest they be banishes from the tribe. Two young boys grow up in completely different worlds. Tirio was cast from the Takunami tribe because of a disability and now lives with his adoptive parent Sara in the United States. But as his thirteenth birthday approaches, he is beginning to feel a deeper connection to his first home in the Amazon. Luka’s mother has extensively prepared him for the test he is to undergo when he turns thirteen and refuses to let anything get in the way. Luka is certain he will be able to pass the test, but his mother’s plans go awry when his father dies, severing the connection that was supposed to help him during his test of manhood. And somehow, these two boys, Tirio and Luka, are connected in unexpected ways.

I know that HarperCollins classifies this novel as a children’s book, but I most definitely think it should be part of the young adult genre. This coming-of-age story was extremely unique, and I loved how many cultural aspects of Amazonian tribes (even if they were partially made-up) were integrated into the story. I really loved how nature was such a big part of the story. Both Luka’s and Tirio’s struggles were very realistic, especially each boy’s yearnings to know his father. And I was very shocked by Luka and Tirio’s connection, but pleased with how the ending tied up all the loose ends.

I thoroughly enjoyed N.A. Nelson’s debut novel and recommend it to all readers. Look for this book on shelves in July.

Rating: 4.25

Review copy from publisher HarperCollins

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N.A. Nelson said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review BRINGING THE BOY HOME. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Be well,

Nina (N.A.) Nelson

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