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Dragon Queen by Jayel Gibson

Dragon Queen: An Ancient Mirrors TaleIn a time long ago, the world of Ædracmoræ was shattered into seven different lands, floating around a topaz star. This was the result of a desperate battle where evil triumphed over good, and the Guardians’ souls were sent to slumber among the stars until called upon. Three of them, Yávië, Nall, and Rydén, are awakened by seven Ancients to fulfill a prophecy. They train vigorously until they are ready to undertake their quest, which they complete with the aid of three more Guardians. But their missions are not over: Yávië wants to reunite the seven kingdoms before she takes her rightful place as the Dragon Queen.

Jayel Gibson weaves a fantastical world populated by creatures of both good and evil. They journeys the Guardians complete are fascinating and difficult, yet sometimes I felt the tasks seemed accomplished rather easily. The first half of the book was a little disjointed and sometimes I felt that pieces of the story were missing, but the plot flowed more smoothly through the ending. I would have liked this novel to be broken up into shorter stories, as that would make it more manageable to read, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this tale of the Dragon Queen.

Dragon Queen is the first book in the exciting Ancient Mirrors fantasy series. While it wasn’t as captivating for me as Lord of the Rings, it was still very interesting and had a lot of action and even romance. If you are a fantasy can who doesn’t mind a long story, then I definitely recommend this book.

Rating: 4.0

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