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Nailed by Jennifer Laurens

NailedMandy has always dreamed about taking a job at her father’s construction company, so she’s thrilled to start her first job after she graduates high school. Unfortunately, her older brother Marc is overseeing the job and giving Mandy a hard time for being the only girl on the job. But there’s even better news in the form of two very hot construction guys, Charlie (better known as Boston) and AJ, both of whom seem interested in Mandy. Mandy finds herself having to make a difficult decision between the two but is afraid of hurting someone in the process.

My reaction to Nailed is difficult to say. First of all, Mandy is not my favorite protagonist. While I do admire her for knowing exactly she wants for her future, her desire to help others, and her reluctance to hurt anyone, I did find her a bit hypocritical. On one hand, when she thought about men being so animalistic when they talked about women, she seemed disgusted; but then she was always lusting after either AJ or Boston and taking in their scents (seems pretty animalistic to me). And, no other characters are really developed besides Mandy. Also, the plot wasn’t too exciting for me; it was a classic love triangle. What I did find interesting though was the unique setting. I mean, how many romantic stories can you read that take place on a construction site?

Overall, Nailed did not totally wow me, but it was a pretty fun read. I recommend this novel to fans of cute and unique romance novels. This is Jennifer Lauren’s latest novel and will be released in September.

Rating: 3.25

Review copy from author Jennifer Laurens

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I totally agree. This was like reading a more concise version of my rambling review. :P

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I signed up to review too, but I haven't started it yet.

Bookworm said...

Sounds good!

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