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Violet by Design by Melissa Walker

Violet by DesignViolet Greenfield thought she was going to leave the modeling world behind, but when she’s offered the chance to go to Brazil – to model of course – she jumps the chance. And with that decision, her international modeling career is launched, and she travels from São Paulo for Brazil’s fashion week, to Madrid and Paris. She gains more and more prestige as she books more shows, but with a relationship gone bad, she starts to put on weight. Angela, her agent, as well as several designers Violet’s walking for, pressure her into shedding five pounds. Violet’s insecurities over her body as well as friendship troubles result from her precarious balance between the fashion world and her life at home. Violet doesn’t know what she wants anymore.

Once again, Melissa Walker has written an amazing novel. I loved her debut novel, Violet on the Runway, and its sequel was just as good. Violet could represent any teenage girl if you take away the supermodel aspect, because many teens struggle over their body image. Melissa Walker also lets us peek into the hectic lives of the elite fashion models, which is pretty exciting and addicting. As Violet’s friend Roger said, most readers will fall in love with Violet, as I did. She truly believes in doing the right thing, evidenced by the time she spends anguishing over the modeling industry versus a normal life. And it’s because Violet acts with such conviction (when making the correct choices) that the reader is left with the sense that things will turn out well for her.

I most definitely recommend Violet by Design, as well as its prequel Violet on the Runway to all readers, whether fashion savvy or not. It is a fun and enjoyable read that will leave you thinking and sighing in happiness.

Rating: 4.5

Review copy from personal collection

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Melissa Walker said...

Yay! I'm so happy you liked the book. Truly. THANK YOU!

Anna said...

I can't wait to get this book. My mom ordered it for me from Amazon so it should be here anyday. And I won the contest for the third book, so I have it and yeah. I love this series already. :) It's wonderful. :)


S. Krishna said...

I loved these books as well! I thought the third one wasn't out yet, but now I'm looking at a previous commenter who says that she won in and it's out?? I have to go pick it up!

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