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Tracking Daddy Down by Marybeth Kelsey

Tracking Daddy DownWhen Billie Wisher’s daddy robs the bank in the next town and then flees to hide, Billie is determined to find him before the police do. She figures that if she can convince him to give the money back nicely that he won’t have to be imprisoned in Pendleton. But Billie is only eleven and a resident in small town Myron, Indiana, where everyone knows everyone else’s business. With the police on her daddy’s trail, an annoying girl who’s always trying to get Billie into more trouble, and some other mishaps, it’s getting more difficult for Billie to find her daddy first and save him from being caught.

I was surprised with how much I liked this book. Billie’s character is adorable, stubborn, and brave all at once. She knows what she wants and is determined to get it. Billie seems like such a good character through the other characters that contrast her, such as her mother, her little sister Carla, and various neighbors. I thought it was funny, but fitting, that Billie always saw injustice in pretty much everything an adult made her do; after all, she’s only eleven-years-old. I was a little disappointed in the ending of the book. While Billie does reconcile her relationship with her stepfather, her relationship with her mother and her real daddy are left up in the air. For me, that almost defeated the purpose of the book. Nevertheless, though, watching Billie mature was what made Tracking Daddy Down such a great story.

I recommend Tracking Daddy Down for the middle grade audience, though older readers may enjoy this novel too.

Rating: 3.75

Review copy from publisher HarperCollins Childrens

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Carolina said...

Sounds like a good book except for the ending. I'll still try to get it when it comes out.

Jessica Burkhart said...

I loved this book. The voice is so original. :)

mylifeinverse said...

sounds cool! by the way, are you having trouble logging into BD? anyway, I want to read this book!

Anna said...

You've been nominated! Check out my blog post tomorrow morning for more information.


Keri Mikulski said...

Sounds like a good one.. Thanks for the review. :)

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