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Jinx by Meg Cabot

JinxJean Honeychurch has been nicknamed Jinx, and not without good reason. From the moment of her birth, bad luck and misfortune has followed her everywhere. Jean is relieved that she’s moving to New York City to live with her aunt and uncle, because maybe then she can have a new start. But unfortunately for Jean, bad luck can’t be shaken off by fleeing halfway across the country, some people will stop at nothing to get revenge, and secrets are meant to be discovered. Jean is going to have to learn to embrace her gift if she’s ever going to survive life in NYC.

I found Jinx to be a cute story even though it was flawed. Firstly, Jean’s character was a little confusing at some times. The way she talked about her oh-so-dreaded secret from her hometown made it seem like it was something extremely incriminating, but when that secret was revealed, I didn’t find it to be that horrible. Strangely, my favorite aspect of this novel was Jean’s cousin Tory’s diabolical character. It kept some surprises and twists in the plot. I actually liked her (in a way) much better than Jean, who just seemed a little too trusting and quick to dismiss that certain boys might actually like her. All this together made for a mildly amusing story.

I won’t say Jinx was my favorite of Meg Cabot’s books, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. If you like books about witchcraft or are a die-hard Meg Cabot fan, then you should read Jinx.

Rating: 3.5

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Kelsey said...

I have to agree with you on this. It was probably one of my least favorite books by Meg.

Oh and I see your reading The Host! Yay! I love that book! It's SO amazing! I can't wait to see your review of it!

Amanda said...

I love Meg Cabot, but I don't think I'll read this one. There are so many others to choose from. Great Review!!

Anonymous said...

I loved this book, thought it was fantastic. Jean was too trusting of people because she's from the Midwest where people are trusting in general, and she's a pastor's daughter too, I think. Also, a lot of Meg's characters are too quick to dismiss boys liking them, so what made this one different?

Great review though! :)

Amee said...

Yeah, BC is right, we're probably a little too trusting here in the Midwest sometimes. I think I take it for granted sometimes. I've been lucky though and haven't been taken advantage of because of it (referring to things like leaving doors unlocked and bags unattended). Anyway, maybe for this reason I loved Jinx. The book, the characters, everything. :)

Anonymous said...

urm.. do u guys know where to find d ebook for this book?

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