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The Midnight Twins by Jacquelyn Mitchard

The Midnight TwinsIdentical twins, Meredith and Mallory, are a very unique pair of girls. They have different birthdays because one was born one minute before midnight on New Year’s Eve while the other was born a minute after. Although they seem to be complete opposites, they are exactly the same. Meredith, ‘Merry’ is the outgoing and happy one while Mallory, ‘Mally’ is more thoughtful and worrisome. These seemingly different twins do everything as one -- thinking, dreaming and even speaking a unique language of their own. But when the twins’ thirteenth birthday arrives, they are nearly killed by a fire of dubious origins. And then, they aren’t the same anymore. Merry and Mally begin to have different visions and dreams, which frighten them as well as test their sisterhood. So when it appears that these visions are trying to tell them something, Mally immediately wants to take action but Merry is skeptical and just wants to pretend the visions never happened. But as more concrete evidence appears, Merry has to accept that someone she knows isn’t the person he appears to be. Merry and Mally will have to embrace their gift if they want to survive.

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Rating: 3.5

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This is one of the few Mitchard books I haven't read. Thanks for the review.

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