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Out of the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst

Out of the WildThough she may appear to be so, Julie Marchen is anything but normal. After all, when your mother is Rapunzel (yes, the one from the tower), you brother is Puss-in-Boots (the talking cat), and you just defeated the dangerous fairytale world called the Wild after it took over your hometown in Northboro, Massachusetts, any degree of normality is rather difficult to achieve. So even though Julie hopes that all these reporters and scientists will lose interest over the recent phenomenon caused by the Wild, she knows it’s not likely to happen, especially when the Wild spits out Julie’s father in exchange for a poetic blind mouse. And although this unexpected event confuses Julie (not to mention to shock caused to Rapunzel), Julie couldn’t be happier: her family is finally together. Unfortunately, family bonding time (as well as adjustment to the 21st century for the prince) will have to wait: Julie’s dad has set off to rescue the kidnapped Sleeping Beauty. But is this a valid rescue mission, or are Julie and her father just playing into the hands of the devious Wild? Either way, the Wild is back, and Julie’s got to save the world from it.

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Rating: 4.5

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Dominique said...

oo! sounds good! I read the first book not too long ago, I guess I'll have to go get a copy of this one as well! :) nice review!

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