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To Catch a Pirate by Jade Parker

To Catch A PirateAnnalisa Townsend and her father are glad to be departing England for the Caribbean. They need to move on from the recent death of Annalisa’s mother, and what better place to do it than the little known Caribbean island of Mourning, which King George has assigned governorship of to Annalisa’s father. But on the voyage over, their ship is set upon be pirates, and Annalisa is discovered in her hiding place in the hold. However, in exchange for letting Annalisa keep her necklace, a reminder of her dead mother, pirate James Sterling steals her ring and a kiss. A year later, Annalisa has a forged letter of marque to help her hunt down James Sterling. She wants to take back her father’s treasure and restore his good name. But Annalisa is not entirely prepared for what James might steal from her this time—her heart.

I found To Catch a Pirate to be an adorable pirate romance story. The plot was a bit reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, but I mean that in the best possible way. The love and danger on stormy seas, hidden treasure, and sword fighting really drew me in. I also liked how these fictional characters had encounters with a real pirate, Black Bart Roberts. The main characters were rather well developed, especially Annalisa. She is a strong minded and somewhat stubborn young woman who knows what she wants and will do almost anything to get it. Sterling battles with his whole good pirate/bad pirate persona, which is interesting; however, sometimes when it seems he’s entirely on one side, he’ll do something completely surprising. Some of the pirate encounters may seem unrealistic, especially because of the lack of loss of life, but it serves its purpose of simulating the dangers and excitement associated with piracy.

If you’re looking for a unique romance story, To Catch a Pirate should be high on your life. Besides, who can resist a pirate story

Rating: 3.75

Review copy from personal collection

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Lana said...

Ever since I first saw the cover (and the title) I've been wanting to read this. I have a definite weakness for all things piratical. I definitely can't resist a pirate story. I'm really glad to see a positive review!

Meredith said...

I also loved this book. I really would love to see more books like this one!


Booked Books said...

Wow! That sounds like a fantastic book! Thanks for the review. =D

Anonymous said...

I just picked up this book on BookMooch, i'm glad you said it was good it made me feel better about picking it up. Thanks for the help and I can't wait to get it.

Carolina said...

I love pirate books! I'll try to get this book at my library.

Anonymous said...

I love this book i have read it a lot its AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

this book is one of my favorites, i think that i have read it about three times, letting my friends borrow it from time to time, everyone loves it!

Anonymous said...

where can i get this book i live in the uk i have tryd the library the shops and i have tryed downloading it and u plz help me u can reply by my email karag-1995@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

i loved this book, i read it for a book report and i loved it

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