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In Too Deep by Jennifer Banash

In Too DeepWelcome back to the ultra-exclusive world of The Elite. The lives of the inhabitants of New York’s Upper East Side are purposely polished to have an impeccably shiny veneer, but behind the stylish clothes and designed appearances is a different story. Casey McCloy is finally getting her act together with a new and improved “New York” look and attitude, and the arm candy to go with it. But looking good doesn’t necessarily mean feeling good, and Casey is feeling insecure about her reluctant acceptance into the Bram Clan—and not without good reason. Madison Macallister is by no means a charitable girl, especially because she believes Casey stole Drew from her. Not the only way she’s tolerate Casey’s presence is to exact her revenge. It’s bound to be a devilish showdown between the outsider and the queen of the Upper East Side’s teen scene; who will be victorious?

I think I must emphasize how great it is that The Elite series is the Gossip Girl series once it’s grown a conscience. Readers will be drawn into the extravagant and high-end lifestyles of New York’s upper class as well as sympathize with these spoiled teens’ issues. The characters are well-developed, and I’m sure most readers will be able to see a little bit of themselves in each character. In some ways, the teens may seem a little stereotypical and clichéd, but it actually works in this story; it’s part of what makes it so easy to understand the characters. My only issues with In Too Deep were that it was a bit all over the place with all the subplots and alternating points-of-view and the minor characters weren’t developed. In Too Deep was just a tad less organized than its prequel, and there were times when I was slightly confused (though in the edited version, I'm sure all will be cleared up). However, overall, I immensely enjoyed the new developments in this intriguing series.

Readers who enjoyed The Elite will definitely want to check out its sequel, and I know I can’t wait for the third book, Simply Irresistible. Fans of the Gossip Girl, A-List, and Upper Class series will also want to read The Elite series. Even if you’re not interested in those series but love high fashion, scandal, and realistic characters, you’ll love this fantastic series.

Rating: 4.0

Review copy from author Jennifer Banash

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I really liked the first one and I'm totally excited to read the second. Great review!

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