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Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Jellicoe RoadXavier Webster Schroeder, better known as Webb, was a friendly and fun-loving guy who was always full of life. He was the string that held his group of friends so close together. He was Narnie’s caring brother, Tate’s lifeline, Jude’s buddy, and Fitz’s partner in crime. All five were inseparable, and they did everything together, including creating a game called the territory wars between the Townies, Cadets, and the kids of Jellicoe School.

Twenty-two years later, the territory wars have become a much more serious tradition and are no longer the silly game they were intended to be. Taylor Markham is the leader of the Underground Community at Jellicoe School, which mean she’s in charge of one of the teams in the territory wars. She has worked hard for this position because she believes it will give her the freedom she craves—the freedom to find her mother who abandoned her six years earlier.

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Rating: 5.0

Review copy from publisher HarperCollins through YA Enchanting Reviews

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Leigh Purtill said...

Ah, so that's what it's all about. I heard a lot about this nearly a year ago and never got a chance to find out too much about it. Great review, tbm! :)

Unknown said...

On page about 379, Taylor faints and has a dream where she is "told" that her two year 7s were in the tunnel. later, an adult tells her 'you werent asleep and you didn't faint.' what actually did happen?

Unknown said...

1 very good book, bu the way. worth reading in the end, passed the 150 confusing pages!

Anonymous said...

She actually has an asthma attack and stops breathing.

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