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The Skull by S.D. Tooley

The SkullRemy, a teen with a nearly genius IQ, is a girl of many talents (or peculiarities). Her latest hobby is forensic reconstruction, so she purchases a monkey skull at a local auction to practice on. She gets help from another outcast from school, Rob, nicknamed Roadkill because of his interest in dead animals, and a runaway named Andy, whose past is shrouded in mystery. But these new friends’ secrets aren’t the only ones in their hometown. As Remy finishes reconstructing the skull, it becomes apparent that the skull isn’t a monkey’s but that of a human baby. But now that these teens know this secret, there’s no turning back. They have to uncover the rest of this scandal—before it’s too late.

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Rating: 3.5

Review copy from author S.D. Tooley through Reader Views Kids

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Just Listen said...

Great review! The cover art is...odd, but I will try my hardest not to be put off by it. :D

I just thought that I'd let you know that I've got a contest currently running, you have a chance to win some of Melina Marchetta's books. Please, have a look. :D

Thank you!

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