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Amigas and School Scandals by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

Amigas and School ScandalsMariana Ruíz is finally back from her Puerto Rican exile/vacation, but although it’s good to be back home in Spring Mills, Mariana is still a little nervous. She fell out of touch with her best friends Madison and Emily, and they still don’t know about the red-headed souvenir named Lilly that Mariana has brought back to the States. Predictably, spoiled long-time friends and foreign newfound cousin clash, especially when Lilly becomes one of the most popular girls in school. But that’s not all: Mariana has a Sweet Sixteen bash to plan (against her will), she might be developing a crush on her locker buddy and lab partner Bobby—even though she’s unsure if one of her friends likes him, and the “bastard” sister’s upcoming move to the US is bound to stir up some family drama. Whoever thought family, friends, and heritage could create such a mess?

Although I have to say I liked this novel’s prequel Amor and Summer Secrets better than Amigas and School Scandals, it was nonetheless a fun and enjoyable read. This novel has all the petty jealousies and dramas seen in popular teen series such as Gossip Girl and The Elite as well as deeper family scandals and potential friendship rifts that gave the story a more dramatic and suspenseful flair. In a way, I didn’t like how this novel was set in the US, as opposed to its prequel’s setting in Puerto Rico, because it made the story a bit too similar to Gossip Girl and the like for my taste, although more low-key. I appreciated the depth to Mariana’s character, but I would’ve also liked a little more development of the minor characters like Lilly. Overall, though, I thought Amigas and School Scandals was a great guilty-pleasure about friendship and family.

I recommend this novel for readers who liked its prequel Amor and Summer Secrets, even if the first book was better than the second. I look forward to the release of the third in this series, Adíos to All the Drama in January ’09.

Rating: 4.0

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Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about this book. It wasn't as good as the first book and Mariana was too self-centered in this book. :/

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