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Vibes by Amy Kathleen Ryan

VibesKristi is a psychic, and an ugly and mean girl. At least that’s what she always hears in other people’s minds. But she’s hardened herself against these silent insults, and no one knows that they affect her. But Kristi’s life is about to get a lot more complicated than it already is. Instead of having to just deal with her friend Jacob imagining ways to decorate Kristi’s C-cups with food and the extremely gorgeous and popular Gusty Peterson thinking that Kristi looks “sick,” there’s now a new and undefined relationship with the new guy Mallory and the mind-blowing fact that her father, who left Kristi and her mother two years earlier, might be coming back. In this surprisingly realistic story, this psychic will have to confront her fears and her past to find her strength in the present.

Vibes had a very rough start in my opinion, and I really disliked the opening scenes. Kristi seemed too fixated with such shallow things such as physical appearance and so quick to insult herself. It really bothered me that Kristi seemed to have such a hard time getting over how certain people looked because I thought she was above that. However, as the story continued, the reasons for how Kristi came to be the way she was were revealed, and Kristi’s character really grew on me (not literally though!). Kristi’s emotional struggles really defined her and made her more real. I liked how not all of Kristi’s problems were completely resolved because it made her story more authentic. The ending of this novel was very well-written, but I can’t say it completely makes up for the weak beginning.

Most teen girls will be able to relate to Kristi and will enjoy Vibes. Readers who like the paranormal will also enjoy this novel.

Rating: 4.0

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