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Sara's Face by Melvin Burgess

Sara's FaceJonathon Heat has nearly everything—fame, millions of fans, success, and money. Unfortunately, he no longer has the one thing he craves most—beauty. Years of experimental cosmetic surgery, and all for fame, have caused his face to collapse, leaving disgusting strips of rotting flesh. Now, he hides behind a mask and waits, hoping his cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kaye will find a way to restore his beauty.

Sara is an elusive and mysterious girl, known by few and truly understood by no one, not ever herself. She is obsessed with beauty and convinced that she is never pretty enough, skinny enough—perfect enough. This fixation leads her to idolize the rock star Jonathon Heat. In him she sees a kindred spirit. Unfortunately, this can't be a good thing if Jonathon Heat is as cunning, imaginative, ambitious, and unreliable as Sara is.

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Rating: 3.0

Review copy from publisher Simon & Schuster through YA Enchanting Reviews

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Anonymous said...

Awsome review. I will read the book.

Would you care for link exchange. You already on my blog roll and I am following your blog.


Simply_Megan said...

I'm guessing you got my email? haha. Thanks for posting the review!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Um.. wow, that sounds WEIRD. Which is good, because I like wierd!

Anonymous said...

I have just read this book and it is reeeeeally good!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this book real?

Anonymous said...

That book, was amazing. It's like.. you don't want it to end, but you're dying to read faster so you know what happenss.

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