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Foundling by D.M. Cornish

Foundling (Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 1)As a foundling, Rossamünd Bookchild has lived a rather boring and sheltered life, his only excitement coming from the wild tales in the pamphlets he loves to read or his dormitory master Fransitart. Rossamünd yearns for a life of adventure, perhaps as a soldier or vinegaroon, his wild imagination only encouraged by the fantastical stories he reads and hears about, but when he is contracted to work as a lamplighter in the service of the Emperor, all that changes. Rossamünd is thrown out into the world when his seemingly simple journey to begin his training goes wrong, and he finds himself amongst all kinds of characters, from teratologists to sedorners, smugglers of the dark trades to lahzars, even monsters! But even if Rossamünd is living out his dreams, he’s about to realize that the world he never truly knew is much more dangerous than he could ever have imagined.

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Rating: 4.5

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Anonymous said...

I have this to read for the TBR Challenge, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting into it. From your review I think I better just stick with it :)

Mariah Irvin said...

I've been learning about foundling homes in my history class lately. It would be nice to read about a foundling that survived despite such terrible conditions.

addicted reader said...

I have an award for you!

Donna (Bites) said...

While I loved the world building of this book, I found it absolutely overwhelmed the plot, which was tiny without being dwarfed. Plus I was not a fan of Rossamund at all. He was too weak of a character for me.

Unknown said...


I've been following your blog. Nice sweet and great reviews. I nominated it for a literary blog award. Stop by and pick it up.


Dottie :)

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