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America’s Next Top Model: Eye Candy by Taryn Bell

America's Next Top Model: Novel #2: Eye CandyRoommates Alexis, Lindsay, Chloe, and Shiva-Rose have survived the first challenge at Top Model Prep without elimination, but ten other model hopefuls were not so lucky. There is little room for celebration among all the drama and the next challenge approaching. Lindsay knows she’ll do well in the next challenge, but for some reason, she’s lost part of her backstabbing attitude; plus that gorgeous and off-limits boy is throwing her a bit off balance. Alexis isn’t too worried about this challenge either, but the fact that her discreet nighttime activities are catching up to her is cause to fret. Chloe looks good doing anything, but a new love interest—who isn’t her boyfriend—may be too large of a distraction. Shiva-Rose is the only of the four freaking out for the next challenge, and when offered inside help, she doesn’t know whether to accept it or stick to her morals. The competition is tougher than ever. Do these girls have what it takes to make it to the next level?

Eye Candy picks up almost immediately after where its prequel Face Value leaves off, and the plot continues to be as drama-filled as ever. The America’s Next Top Model series was still a slightly education experience for me because Eye Candy focuses on commercial advertisement instead of just the runway or still shots. I like how Bell switches things up here, because the story might’ve seemed boring and repetitive otherwise. Once again, the story gets a little awkward when it comes to the characters. Lindsay’s complete change of heart regarding the nasty treatment of all her rivals was completely unrealistic since there seemed to be no cause for it. The revelation of the nature of Alexis’ relationship with her juvie-incarcerated brother was confusing and not elaborated on. Shiva-Rose’s character was just poorly developed. The only of the four girls that made sense as a person was Chloe, who is believable and even experiences growth in this novel. By the conclusion of Eye Candy, it’s become apparent that Bell’s writing, though generally sufficient, is nothing grand. I only hope there will be some improvement for this series’ next two installments, Skin Deep and Strike a Pose.

Fashion conscious girls may be interested in the America’s Next Top Model series, particularly those who enjoyed Violet on the Runway by Melissa Walker, The Elite series by Jennifer Banash, and The A-List series by Zoey Dean.

Rating: 3.5

Review copy from publisher Scholastic

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Anonymous said...

Face value left a lasting impression on me because it showed that doing the right thing can lead to a string of right things ( Shiva-Rose), sabatoging can stab you in the back ( Lindsay), bottling up thoughts and anger is a key to tantrums ( Chloe)and stealing is dealing with guilt ( Alexis).

Anonymous said...

i love the books! they are filled with lots of love and bundles of drama!

Anonymous said...

I love the books! I've read all three books and I can't wait for the fourth book to come out! As soon as I got half way through the first book I automatically got hooked!!! I love Chloe and even though Alexis makes bad choices I love her energetic personality. And I love sweet and kind Shiva- Rose and even Lindsay is beginning to get on my good side. I hope Taryn Bell keeps writing!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of these book soooo much! But the review is so dumb saying that Taryn Bell's writing is "nothing grand" when it is like the best series I've ever read!!!!!! And no offense but the person who wrote this book review is apparently too stupid to realize that!!

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