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The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols

The Ex Games (Simon Romantic Comedies)Since their very public breakup four years ago, Hayden and Nick have been just friends, at best. So what if Hayden’s best friends are now with Nick’s best friends? So what if Nick has seemed to be flirting with Hayden lately? Hayden will not give in to Nick’s hunkiness, no matter how much she enjoys the flirting. When Hayden wins the girls’ division of a local snowboarding competition, Nick derides her victoray by declaring she couldn’t hold her own against a guy. Oh, it’s on now. How Hayden and Nick aren’t just exchanging light insults and gibes but heavier taunts and angry exclamations they might not be able to take back. As each prepares for this new snowboarding battle of the sexes, they’ll have to break past their own fears and decide what’s more important: winning the competition or the relationship neither thought would work out.

I just love the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies because I can always count on them to make me laugh and smile with a funny, sweet, and heartwarming story. In addition, Echols is one of my favorite RoCom authors, especially after The Ex Games. This novel is all about the chase, four years of chase to be exact, the give and take in complicated relationships, and how the smallest past betrayals can become something larger over time. Hayden and Nick are completely realistic with their stubbornness and difficulty in dealing with all the issues in their lives. I think it was their painful reluctance to apologize that I could relate to most, though, and because of that, I rooted even more for them to work out their problems and get together. Yes, the whole romance of the story is pretty predictable, but that doesn’t makes its culmination any less sweet; it anything it’s even more so. And for that, I really just thank Echols for this cute and fun-filled story that will brighten up any reader’s days.

Fans of any of the other RoComs, particularly The Boys Next Door also be Jennifer Echols, will also enjoy The Ex Games, in addition to fans of Picture Perfect by Catherine Clark.

Rating: 4.25

Review copy from author Jennifer Echols

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Chioma said...

Woot. I am so glad to hear you loved it. I am also obsessed with the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy's. I cant wait until I read this book. Great review!!!

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